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After graduating in Graphic Design from Ravensbourne College of Art and Design, I worked on magazines for a number of years, including working as Assistant Art Editor for Good Housekeeping  and then as Art Editor on Ideal Home.


After that I set up a graphic design business with my husband Richard with a wide variety of international clients.


Then we started a company from a hobby, creating bespoke mosaics as well having
an online shop selling kits and tiles.

Alongside this I have recently resumed a style of art which involves painting paper (using acrylics and oil paint sticks), then cutting and weaving it. I first started  this  technique at art college, but put it on hold while I furthered my career in publishing.


In some examples, I create two images which are cut and woven together to create one final image, with the weaving making a pattern across the surface.


In other instances, I use the weaving to change the flow and shape of an image.

Have a look through my work to find out more - I'm also happy to do commissioned work and you can contact me
about purchasing any piece or to discuss a project - all the details are on our Contact/Links page


If you would like to have a look at Lizzie's mosaic work just click here